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Foam Filled Tires TyrFil

Your best defense against flats!

TyrFil is a urethane rubber product guaranteed to flat-proof pneumatic tires.

No hype, just fact!

Substantiated by 20 years and over 500,000,000 pounds of product sold worldwide, TyrFil replaces all of the air in any pneumatic tire, with a highly engineered polyurethane resin blend.

Within 24 hours the mixture cures to a soft resilient rubber elastomer. Instead of riding on air, you ride on a soft cushion of rubber!

Foam Filled Tires Diagram Heavy Machinery

TyrFil is formulated to duplicate the riding characteristics of air. It is tough enough to be used in the tires of the heaviest industrial equipment, and in the harshest environments.

The durability of TyrFil's composition has been proven in thousands of applications, and is currently used by the United States Armed Forces, major airlines for ground support equipment, major equipment rental fleets, and original equipment manufacturers.

Puncture Proof

TyrFil allows you to operate over broken glass, nails, sharp metal, and rock. In spite of cuts and punctures, it keeps you rolling, by eliminating costly downtime and production losses.

TyrFil provides a safe, trouble-free ride for the life of your tires!

Heavy Duty Tires

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Synair Corporation presents TyrLyner, a permanent, self-healing, urethane rubber sheet that is securely adhered to the inside of the tire casing.

TyrLyner heals over cuts, punctures, and penetrating objects, and will prevent tires from going flat if punctured or cut by objects up to 1/4" in diameter. The patented process actually allows the liner to immediately close over the zone of penetration and completely fuse; thus, air pressure loss is prevented. Most blowouts or flat tires are caused by operating under-inflated tires which are the result of small punctures.

Unlike any other product on the market, TyrLyner is a puncture sealing system that offers true sidewall protection as well as protection for tread areas. It provides a balanced, uniform thickness of self-healing rubber. It's also the only available system that conforms to any size and geometry of tire and lasts the lifetime of the tire.

Vehicles equipped with TyrLyner can be operated at any speed recommended by the manufacturer, in any temperature and climate.

Tire Liner Diagram
Tire Liner Nail Puncturing Tire

Tire balance and structural integrity are not affected by the addition of the liner.

Originally developed for the military, and in commercial use for more than 14 years, TyrLyner is now available to the public at reduced prices. TyrLyner is available in America and Internationally through Synair authorized dealers.

If your local tire dealer doesn't have the product, ask him to contact the Synair Corporation immediately and make TyrLyner available to you in the tire size you require.